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Bobo & Kipi Episodes

Muddy Mango small.jpg

The Muddy Mango


A mango falls on Bobo’s head. Soon, an argument breaks out between Bobo and the Nyonyos over who will eat the mango. When the mango ends up falling in a puddle of mud, it is time for our friends to consider another solution so that everyone can have a tasty treat.

Kipi flies High small.jpg

Kipi Flies High

Theme – Equality of the Sexes

When Kipi announces that her dream is to become a pilot, all her friends laugh, claiming that it is a ridiculous idea for a girl. She soon shows them that with some determination and a little encouragement, girls can do anything they want.

A strange friend small.jpg

A Strange Friend

Theme – Tolerance 

When Kipi brings home Fropo the kangaroo, Bobo is upset. How can he trust someone who is so different? But after tasting some of Fropo’s delicious cake, Bobo starts to think that maybe different isn’t so bad after all.

Never Give Up small.jpg

Never Give up

Theme – Perseverance

Bobo has a sudden craving for bananas, but the tree is way too high for him to reach. After many attempts, (including some disastrous ones involving Gronyo and Tinyo) and some helpful suggestions by Kipi, Bobo finally succeeds.

Slowly slowly the flowers grow small.jpg

Slowly Slowly the Flowers Grow

Theme – Patience

Bobo and the Nyonyos are thrilled when they learn that Kipi has planted some flowers, but when they arrive at the garden, all they see is dirt. Will our friends be patient enough to wait for the flowers to bloom?

A hundred Castles small.jpg

A Hundred Castles

Theme – Creativity

The harebrained Nyonyos storm in and destroy a castle that Bobo has been building. Bobo is convinced that he could never build another one, but with Kipi’s encouragement, the creative juices start to flow again.

The Little Lie that Grew small.jpg

The Little Lie that Grew

Theme – Honesty

Bobo loses Kipi’s favourite ball.  His stories of how the ball went missing get bigger and more fantastical until finally, he has no other choice but to tell her the truth.  

A Hat and a Song.jpg

A Hat and a Song

Theme – Forgiveness

Bobo and Kipi are not talking to each other. The Nyonyos own friendship reminds them of what they are missing. Singing together helps sort out the misunderstandings and they learn the value of forgiveness.

Let's fly a kite small.jpg

Let's go Fly a Kite

Theme – Unity

Bobo and Kipi and their friends are building a kite. But will it fly? When the first attempt fails miserably, they realize that they need to work together to really make something great. 

Banana Bobo.jpg

Banana Bobo

Theme – Moderation

Bobo gets a little too enthusiastic about eating bananas and ends up missing out on a picnic due to an over-stuffed tummy. 

Rhythm of Excellence small.jpg

The Rhythm of Excellence

Theme – Excellence

In preparing for Papa Zete’s birthday, our friends learn about the value of practice and doing something to the best of one’s ability. But not before the Nyonyos subject everyone to some pretty cacophonous singing. 

Never Cry Lion small.jpg

Never Cry Lion

Theme – Truthfulness

Bobo thinks it will be a great joke to cry “Lion”.  The consequences are not what he expected!

Rumble in the Jungle small.jpg

Rumble in the Jungle

Theme – Environmental Protection

The harebrained Nyonyos trap Bobo & Kipi in a plan to trade them to poachers in return for a large load of bananas.  Lokole comes to the rescue.

Kindness comes around small.jpg

Kindness Comes Around

Theme – Kindness

Kipi starts a chain reaction of acts of kindness by offering a bouquet of flowers to Papa Zete. When Bobo makes a mud bath for the Nyonyos, everyone learns how much fun it is to be kind.

Dirty Dancing small.jpg

Dirty Dancing

Theme – Cleanliness

The Nyonyos learn an important lesson about hand washing after they get a bad case of the germies.

Courtesy Car small.jpg

The Courtesy Car

Theme – Courtesy

Bobo, Kipi and the Nyonyos are building a car together. They discover that the job is a lot easier when they are polite to each other.

A song of courage small.jpg

A Song of Courage

Theme – Courage

While Bobo is busy learning to play the guitar, Gronyo tries to convince Tinyo to steal Bobo’s bananas. Can Tinyo stand up for what he feels is right – even in the face of Gronyo’s insistence?

Veggie Power small.jpg

Veggie Power

Theme – Nutrition

Bobo finds out the hard way that you need to eat more than just cake if you want to be strong enough to play a game of tug of war. 

Just Bananas small.jpg

Just Bananas

Theme – Justice

The friends all work together to harvest a big bunch of bananas, but then Bobo claims them for himself. His friends feel unfairly treated. Will Bobo come to recognize the injustice of his actions?

Tinyo come Home small.jpg

Tinyo Come Home

Theme – Compassion

When Tinyo goes off to visit his grandmother, Gronyo is distraught. Bobo and Kipi need to figure out how to cheer him up.

Tinyo Takes the Cake small.jpg

Tinyo Takes the Cake

Theme – Humility

Bobo and Gronyo have a “cake-off” amid plenty of boasting on both sides. Tinyo quietly teaches them both a lesson in humility – and cake is had by all!

Grumpy Grognon small.jpg

Grumpy Gronyo

Theme – Joyfulness

As a result of being grumpy, Gronyo hurts himself. Can his friends prove to him that life is a lot easier if you approach it with a little joy?

Hide and Peek small.jpg

Hide and Peek

Theme – Obedience

A game of Hide and Seek starts out fun, but then turns into a valuable lesson on the importance of obeying the rules. 

Alphabet Zoup small.jpg

Alphabet Zoup

Theme – Education

It’s our friends’ first day of school. Kipi teaches them a thing or two about how great it is to learn. Meanwhile, Tinyo becomes enamored with the letter Z.

Soldiers of Peace small.jpg

Soldiers for Peace

Theme – Peacefulness

Gronyo and Tinyo have chased everyone out of the jungle, claiming it as their own territory (or as Tinyo would say, their Terry Glory). They soon realize that life isn’t much fun when you have made enemies out of all your friends.

A Turtle Tale small.jpg

A Turtle Tale

Theme – Trustworthiness

Gronyo and Tinyo leave their pet turtle, Rocket in Bobo’s care.

Against all odds, Bobo takes care of Rocket, and shows that he can be trusted to keep his word.

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